Ulta Beauty Must-Haves!

I am constantly finding fun products to try and share! I can honestly say, I’m not too loyal to certain brands/stores/products but here are some of my current favorites!

^^ Pro Tip: This oil is great if you’re a picker (like ya girl!) – helps prevent scaring! It also is great for stretch marks!!
^^ THE BEST for any kind of repair, extra hydration, etc! She’s been in my skin care routine for over four years
^^ smells ooooohhh so yummy!
^^ An actual life saver! For those in-between wash days.


Do you use the Tula skincare product every day?

I do! I normally do it on a clean face at night!

How often do you use the bio oil?

I normally use the bio oil after a pimple or cut is in “recovery mode’ I normally mix it with a lotion or moisturizer just to give it a little more hydration love.

Do you use the Estee Lauder product as a full coverage foundation when its summer? How long does it last?

Whenever I do a full face, I use this as my full coverage foundation. It lasts a really long time and a thin layer will normally keep it from looking mudded, caking, or sweating away. Hit her with a little setting spray for peace of mind as well!

When you use the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty, do you apply before your makeup?

I use this at night whenever my skin is dry, I got a little too much sun, or a pimple is healing. These products are great “repair” tools for when your skin is abnormal that day!

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